When we set about building NuLaw, we did so with the intent of addressing nearly every aspect of legal case and practice management. In other words, we never intended NuLaw to be a software package exclusive to case management. We wanted it to be practice management software as well. As such, our original design blueprint included matter management tools.

Matter management is critical to the success of both independent law firms and corporate legal departments. As you know, matter management pertains to the day-to-day operations of practicing law. It covers things like tracking billable hours, managing documents, facilitating communication with clients, etc.

With that said, we would like to ask a question: how is your firm or corporate legal department doing in the area of matter management? If you’re not yet using a comprehensive solution like NuLaw, we’re guessing you could probably use better matter management. Below are five reasons we believe this is so.

1. Efficiency Makes You Better

The lack of a comprehensive case and practice management software package leaves law firms and legal departments with no other choice but to cobble together half-a-dozen or more software solutions for matter management. Not only is this terribly inefficient but it also opens the door to unnecessary confusion and complications.

The last thing your firm needs is inefficient and confusing matter management. On the other hand, a software platform like NuLaw brings all matter management issues into one central location with a set of integrated tools that increase efficiency dramatically.

2. Better Task Management Increases Productivity

A solution like NuLaw streamlines task management through a combination of advanced reporting, calendaring, and scheduling. Rather than manual task management that leads to disproportionate workloads among firm staff members, NuLaw creates an environment that makes it easy for management to distribute the workload in whatever way is most beneficial to productivity. Increased productivity opens the door to bigger caseloads.

3. Better Document Management Empowers Attorneys

Documents are the attorney’s life blood. As a function of matter management, a built-in document library gives attorneys access to all the documents they need at any given point in a case. Integrated research tools make for easier retrieval of essential information not already in the library. The combination of both empowers attorneys as they work through cases. By the way, NuLaw offers a built-in document library for this very reason.

4. Advanced Reporting Improves Marketing

Marketing is one of the most cumbersome matter management aspects of running a law firm. Moreover, it is a distraction to attorneys who simply want to practice law. Once again, NuLaw delivers. With built-in marketing tools that deliver qualified, compiled cases directly to your office, you will spend less time marketing and more time working cases. Marketing and case acquisition have never been as streamlined as they are in NuLaw.

5. Integration Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

Last but not least is the reality that a case and practice management software package like NuLaw keeps everybody on the same page with regular updates. By contrast, the law firm that handles matter management with a hodgepodge of software solutions quickly gets out of sync as some of those solutions upgrade faster than others. This creates a scenario in which integration is nearly impossible, leading to some situations in which multiple solutions are being applied to the same matter.

Matter management is an inevitable part of practicing law. But it doesn’t have to consume your practice. With NuLaw, matter management is streamlined and efficient. NuLaw takes the work out of matter management through automation and integration.